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    relativly new to asp, I have filled my combo box with fields from my table, what i am trying to do is have a second list box that selects its values based on the value selected in the first combo box<BR><BR>combo1 values = records from a table(recordset)<BR>combo 2 values need to be select * from table2 where combo 1 value = table2 id. i cant seem to get the value from the first combo box (which is the id field i need to populate the second one i used request("combo1") doesnt seem to return anything, tried a few other syntax with no luck, is it because its on the same page, do i need an on change event. any help appreciated thanks in advance<BR>lea

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    yes, it&#039;s because it&#039;s on the same page...<BR>with server-side code, the only way you can do this is to either cause combo1 to refresh the page, therefore getting the values needed to run the select statement for combo2 or to have either a hidden frame/iframe or some other window you can load a new page to get the values from combo1 via javascript, do your processing of the asp script and pass the values back to the original page via javascript

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