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    hi,<BR> i&#039;m helping my sister with a project that involves doing data binding and mini database using dreamweaver ultradev.. currently, she&#039;s working on updating her old version to include this. the project requires however,that all pages be converted to ASP... being a more print based designer, and implementing only Flash and actionscript to work, i have no idea on this matter... can we just save the current pages to asp extension or is there more than meets the eye?<BR><BR><BR>thanks,<BR>kenny.

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    what are her old pages?<BR>i&#039;ll assume if she&#039;s using dreamweaver, her current pages are either jsp or cold fusion..<BR>in that case, any jsp or cold fusion code would have to be changed.<BR>so, no, saving with just an asp extension won&#039;t cut it, sorry :)<BR><BR>(though you say html to asp in your title..if it&#039;s just the html part you&#039;re wondering about..yes, a regular old html page can be saved with an asp extension and still function fine)

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