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    Is there any simple way to get a "SQL where statement" to return only Case Sensitive results?<BR><BR>This article says no:<BR><BR><BR>But I won&#039;t take no for an answer (just kidding). I welcome any additional suggestions.

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    Depends on DBMS<BR><BR>On sql server for instance<BR><BR>select * from ogrish where cast(aleb as binary(30)) = cast(&#039;alec-denada&#039; as binary(30))<BR><BR>Some dbms also support collations that can be specified at expression level<BR><BR>select * from ogrish <BR>where aleb collate english_cs = &#039;alec-denada&#039; collate english_cs<BR><BR>The actual collation names differ between dbms though.<BR>

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    Default And on SQL Server...

    ...can&#039;t you also specify on a field by field basis whether the collation is case sensitive? No matter what the base table setting is? (Granted, this might not be desirable, if you sometimes *want* to do case insensitive things on that field, but...)<BR><BR>

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