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    just can&#039;t see what I&#039;m doing wrong here. Using VB<BR><BR>On Page1.asp, I need the cookie to capture the value of a text boxed name "txtABC".<BR><BR>On Page3.asp, I need to bring up that cookie and have the value show in the body.<BR><BR>How do I do this? I cannot seem to capture the value of the textbox. My syntax is on Page1 is <BR>&#060;% Response.Cookies("Add") = Request.Form("txtABC")<BR>Response.Cookies("Add"). Expires = DateAdd("d", 1, Date) %&#062;<BR><BR>On Page3 I have:<BR>Value: &#060;% Response.Write Request.Cookies("Add") %&#062;<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    and where is the textbox called *txtABC* ? you have to assign your cookie on the page after the page where you have the textbox... gottit?

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