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    Is it possible to list all the tables and their columns from a database through an asp script?

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    I&#039;ve used both the connection.OpenSchema() method and INFORMATION_SCHEMA (SQL Server) views to get this kind of information.<BR><BR>You can look through the reference at Microsoft,<BR><BR><BR><BR>It has been some time since I did this, but if I remember correctly, try something like this:<BR><BR>set rs = cn.OpenSchema(adSchemaTables)<BR><BR>and,<BR><BR>s et rs = cn.OpenSchema(adSchemaColumns,array(null,null,"myT able"))<BR><BR>It works with sqlserver 7, don&#039;t know about Access.<BR><BR>Another option would be to go to and download an application that does just that.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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