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    Duncan MacInnes Guest

    Default PWS and enabling ASP

    If I drag an .asp file onto the Publish page it appears as text.<BR>My installation of PWS was "Typical" and seemed to go OK. I understand that the asp.exe file is downloaded with version 4.0, so what am I doing wrong? "Slainte" from bonnie Scotland to anyone who helps with this!

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    Ed Guest

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    Do a custom installation, and make sure the ASP components are being installed...

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    Default RE: PWS and enabling ASP

    Cheers Ed. I can now get an .asp file working as long as I connect to my ISP first, tick on "Work Offline" and save in Favourites. However it won&#039t show any subsequent changes to the file. Do I have to connect to the Internet each time I make a change?

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