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    Default ASP, COM, JAVA

    i tried this in the other forum .. i was unsuccessful in getting results.. I am not sure what to do now.. I was suggested to ask an advanced user. So I am trying my luck here. <BR>the problem is in the post and all the things tried are in this post:<BR><BR><BR>if that does not work .. the thread named ASP, COM, JAVA posted on 4/12/2002 time 1:42:08 PM in the beginners ASP forum..<BR>I hope someone can help me out here

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    Default Only idea I have...

    ...try creating one of the standard Java objects and see what happens.<BR><BR>such as "java:java.util.Vector" or even "java:java.lang.Object".<BR><BR>If you get the same error, then you know something is hosed in the setup and it has nothing to do with your code, per se.<BR><BR>

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