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    I have a table in SQL Server 7. In Enterprise Manager, I can right-click on it and see that there are zero records. <BR><BR><BR>If I right-click and open top 1, I get an ODBC Time out error after about 20 seconds.. <BR><BR>If I try to Select Count(*) from theTableName, in Query analyzer it just hangs.<BR><BR>It seems that no matter what I do I cannot open the bugger.<BR><BR>I had a very, very large process I was running through an asp page that blewup after 20 minutes or so. <BR><BR>Is there someway to find out:<BR>a) if a table is locked<BR>b) who and/or what is locking it<BR>

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    Default sp_who

    I *think* that would let you know what processes are currently touching your SQL db... perhaps someone more knowledgable on SQL admin can pipe in with an answer, though...

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