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    May be a long shot but worth a try:<BR><BR>We are using MS Certificate Services to create our own certification authority. The visitors to our site must request and install a user certificate in their browser to access our https web site.<BR><BR>The question is:<BR><BR>Would anyone know how to detect whether a specific certificate is installed on a visitor&#039;s browser? We are using cookies so far: If, during his first visit to our secured Web site, the user requests and installs the client&#039;s certificate, a cookie is created, otherwise if the cookie exists, the user is taken directly to our https Web site. We are however conscious that the user could delete the cookies and he (she) could download again and again our certificate on his (her) browser?<BR><BR>Thank you very much in advance.<BR>

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    Don&#039;t know much about this myself, unfortunately, but when I wrote my second book (Designing Active Server Pages) I had a short section on popular 3rd party components. One of them was ASPEncrypt ( and I recall that it had the ability to detect client-side certificates. I&#039;m not 100% certain, and it&#039;s a 3rd party component, so it costs several hundred dollars, but it might be worth investigating.<BR><BR>hth

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    Default See ASP Request Object

    in the IIS documentation.<BR><BR>There is a ClientCertificate collection.

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