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    What versions of VBScript will IIS4.0 support? I believe when you install IIS4.0, you get VBScript 3.1 -- bleh.<BR><BR>However, I recently installed IE5.5 on our IIS4.0 development server, and to my great surprise, IE5.5 installed VBScript 5.5! Everything *seems* to work correctly, and I can now use advanced VBSCript features like regular expressions in my ASP, but I&#039;m worried that there might be some strange incompatibility I&#039;m not aware of yet. Has anybody run into this? Can I use IIS4.0 with VBScript 5.5?<BR><BR>We&#039;re not planning to upgrade IIS until we migrate all of our NT servers to XP later this year, but it&#039;d be great to be able to use VBScript 5.5 in the meantime.<BR><BR>-Paul<BR>

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    Default Well, according to Microsoft...

    http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/vbscript/scripting.asp<BR><BR>Windows Script 5.5 (which includes VBScript 5.5) is deisgned for: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.<BR><BR>To quote from the above URL:<BR><BR>"Important: Windows 95 users must have OSR2 installed or be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later for these files to work properly. Windows 95 users without Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or OSR2 will need to install DCOM before using these files. To install the DCOM components visit the DCOM Download page. More information on OSR2 can be found here. <BR><BR>Users running Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 must have Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or Internet Explorer 4.0 installed before using these files. <BR><BR>Users running Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 on international versions of Windows 95 (with or without OSR2) will need to install DCOM before using these files."<BR><BR>hth<BR>

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