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    Im working on a page that will allow a file to be uploaded. Everything appears to be working but I dont know how to keep the same file name. With the following code:<BR>UploadFile.PostedFile.SaveAs(Server.MapPa th("upload.jpg"))<BR>Everything is named upload.jpg. How can I keep the original file name from the sender?

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    I don&#039;t have the help docs open in front of me, so I can&#039;t recall the exact syntax, but the PostedFile class contains a property that shows the complete filename of the uploaded component. You can then use the Path class&#039;s GetFilename method to get just the filename.<BR><BR>Alternatively, if you need a unique name for every upload you can generate a random file name... I believe the Environment class contains a GetTempFilename method (or maybe it&#039;s the Path class, sorry, don&#039;t have the docs in front of me...)<BR><BR>hth

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