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    syl Guest

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    Need to connect to a db on another server. Please does someone know code for this??

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    Ed Guest

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    Is it a SQL Server? If so, do it just like you would if it was local. Setup a system DSN; on the Server listbox in the first pane when you add a new DSN, select the server the database resides on...

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    Nana Guest

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    I like to put my answer in two points.<BR><BR>1. If you are trying to connect the remote server from Enterprise Manager, give the remote server name and give the User and Password. Before which you should to be able to ping to that Remote server.<BR><BR>2. If you are trying to connect through DSN, make sure you are able to ping to the remote server and give the Server name, User name and Password.<BR><BR> If you are connecting the server through Net then you should give the IP address instead of Server name.<BR><BR>Check it and gimme the feedback. Let us know.<BR><BR>regards,<BR><BR>Nana

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