Hello,<BR><BR>Has anyone used RSFast Library or know how to use them? I came across it, but couldn&#039;t find any articles on this site. If any of you have used it or know how it works, please reply. I wanted to get some ideas on its practical functionality and benefits. I have to display records from about 5 different tables connected by INNER JOINs and WHERE operator. The data on those tables are updated every 2 hours on weekdays and there are hundreds of queries hitting the database to fetch records from those tables based on user-supplied parameters. I know GetRows is faster than While Not rs.EOF.... Wend approach so thinking of using that, but then I read somewhere that this approach could be really messy and not easily re-usable! That&#039;s where I learned of RSFast version 6.1 and some data caching techniques. Is it advised to use "caching" to display database records if the data is updated every 2 hours? Also, is RSFast library a separate component that one can purchase or is it part of ASP? If anyone could help me on these questions, please reply. Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>JT