My LDAP bind fails saying that "There is no such object on the server"<BR><BR>Set oLdapObject = GetObject("LDAP:") <BR>Set oADsContainer = oLdapObject.OpenDSObject(Path,sU,sP,0)<BR><BR>It produces this error when i run OpenDSObject .. I CAN connect anonymously using Softerra&#039;s LDAP Browser 2.1 and it works fine - i&#039;ve tried with and without a user/pass and my connection path looks like this ... (except i use real server & org)<BR><BR>Path="LDAP://myserver:389/c=ca/o=myorg/ou=people/ou=internal"<BR><BR>I&#039;ve also tried EVERY possible combination of the above path using c, o, ou like so...<BR><BR>LDAP://myserver:389/o=myorg/ou=people<BR>LDAP://myserver:389/c=ca/ou=people/ou=internal<BR>LDAP://myserver:389/c=ca/o=myorg/ou=internal<BR>LDAP://myserver:389/c=ca/o=myorg/ou=people<BR><BR>This must be done is any VB,etc solutions will not work.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried to do this with the ADODB connection object and a SQL statement and that doesn&#039;t work either.<BR><BR>Please help.