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    I am writing a grading application in VB.NET for my old high school. I&#039;m really good with SQL and Access. I am to write the program to interact with a MS Access database because they do not have a network, plus they want portability. I need the database to fit on a floppy. Is Access the best solution since it&#039;s small and has good printable reports?<BR><BR>Also, I know Access has to be installed on the computer to print the reports through OLE, but does Access need to be installed to access the data through ADO?<BR><BR>-Thanks

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    Default Access is fine... long as you can live with its scalability limitations.<BR><BR>No, you do not need Access itself installed in order to use it via either the Access ODBC driver *or* the Jet OLE DB driver (the latter is generally superior). ADO can use either driver.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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