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    Does anyone know where I can find a script routine to create a login page (to include in a asp file) to allow users of a database to login and modify only their own profile pages? Most password code I have managed to find allows either only one username and password (included in the code itself) or database generated password/username combination allowing open access to all pages once user has logged in.

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    two tables built for testing login credentials. A user table that includes such things as user_id, username, and password. The second table could be called user_access or something, that has fields like user_id, authority_level, etc. <BR><BR>Once you have these two tables, you can run conditions (case/select, if-else, etc.) as to what certain users can see and others can&#039;t by testing there authority level on each page. Authority_Level would range from 1 - 4:<BR>1 - admin<BR>2 - view/add/update/delete<BR>3 - view/update<BR>4 - view<BR><BR>Simple condition statements allow for testing what is viewed by what user....

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