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Thread: Error in HTML for Posting new threads

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    Default Error in HTML for Posting new threads

    When you:<BR><BR>1) Go to the ASP Q & A Forum<BR>2) Click "Start a New Thread"<BR>3) Login<BR><BR>On the page that is displayed after that, some of your HTML code is showing.<BR><BR>RESPOND TO:<BR><BR> <BR>Active Server Pages Q & A<BR> <BR>Scott Mitchell - 7 Apr - 05:00:22 PM<BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Got a question about Active Server Pages? Ask your question here! No question is too simple or too difficult to be asked. To post a question, simply click on &#060;FONT SIZE=2&#062;Start a New Thread&#060;/FONT&#062; button below!<BR><BR>Please read the &#060;A HREF=""&#062;Commonly Asked Questions&#060;/A&#062; before posting to the board. Perhaps your question is answered there.<BR><BR>Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Send us &#060;A HREF=""&#062;feedback&#060;/A&#062;!<BR><BR>DISCLAIMER: If you prefer not to receive responses from any particular poster, please inform him! Any statements or comments made by a poster are his own responsibility and opinions and are in no way endorsed by his employer or Thank you! <BR> <BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Never thought to ask him about that..

    and I&#039;ve noticed it there for the longest time.. hmm....

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    Default RE: Error in HTML for Posting new threads

    A bug in the component that is used, I&#039;m afraid.

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