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    I have been tasked to write a web-based file search engine. What it needs to do is function almost like the Windows search functionality, but a bit more simple. I don&#039;t need all the options it gives you, just the ability to select a drive and type in a file name (with or without the extension). The major problem I am having is that the 2 drives they want to be able to search are on a different server on the network, not the web server. So, how do I get to them, and when I get to them, what permissions do I need to grant and to whom? Both the drives are shared. Any help is greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default Use Index Server

    Well, since the two drives are on seperate servers, I think you will need to use Index Server to do this. You can just add the shared directories and it will automatically catalog them for you. <BR><BR>You should already have some sample code that comes with IIS that shows how to search the index with asp. You might also want to read this:<BR><BR>

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