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    Hi Scott,<BR><BR>This forum is great but it takes so long to display pages (at least here in Europe with a DSL line - not to mention the poor RTC user)<BR><BR>I found (see my post a few days ago on the advance ASP) that a page with all the forum threads weights 145k.<BR><BR>have a look at the code: so much redundant tags !<BR><BR>With a quick simulation I was able to shrink it down to 60 k in no time. <BR>I think you would do us (and of course yourself a favor) by looking into it...<BR><BR>Well that is just an idea...<BR><BR>Thanks eric

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    but I&#039;m afraid Scott can&#039;t do much about it, since it uses a component.<BR><BR>But I really like the display of this forum, much better than i.e. Snitz Forums, although Snitz has much more &#039;features&#039;.

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