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    Default Free ASP.NET hosting??

    Anyone know of any sites currently offering free hosting for ASP.NET apps?<BR><BR>I&#039;m not looking for extensive hosting, it&#039;s just that we&#039;re currently in a WinNT environment and can&#039;t run ASP.NET but I&#039;m already a few hundred pages into the sams book and really am itching to try out some of the examples!<BR><BR>I believe there&#039;s currently one, but I&#039;d like to find one with ftp access, the web interface it used kept reporting an error because I didn&#039;t specify a mime type on the form. When I did it still threw the error so I&#039;m not sure if something was cached (tried renaming the file), or if the error was on the form that took the file in the first place - either way it didn&#039;t work and I&#039;ve heard nothing from their support folk (get what you pay for I guess).<BR><BR>Appreciate any feedback, I just have a few pages using web forms etc and I&#039;m curious to see how different ASP.NET is from CF4.5...<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Ginnie

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    Default RE: Free ASP.NET hosting??

    I belive has free .net hosting

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    Default Yep... and

    Brinkster is free, but their service can be... lacking (what do you expect for paying nothing, though?)<BR><BR>If you need a notch better and don&#039;t want to have to sink too much money into the site, check out<BR><BR><BR>$9.99 / mo., no setup fee (I believe)

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