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    I have a problem and would greatly appreciate some help! I need to access a database that&#039;s not on the IIS server and am having problems because it&#039;s going out to the network as IISUser or some temp account like that and is being denied permission.<BR><BR>The situation is that we started a small intranet site using PWS on a Windows 95 machine. When the machine started up, I just logged on as myself. It had no problem going out to a shared network drive and getting information from a database out there. But when we got Windows XP and I went to move to IIS, the permission to the folders was denied. I guess that what IIS presents to the network is a local user on my machine rather than my network name. I spoke with our Microsoft rep and he said the answer was to make a COM component because the COM component would go out to the network with my permissions.<BR><BR>Well, we never go to that point and now I&#039;m very interested in doing the whole thing in ASP.NET rather and plain ASP anyway. So how can I get around this problem with ASP.NET? I assume that I need to make some kind of component, but can I make it totally generic? I&#039;m thinking that it would be like this:<BR><BR>function ReturnConnection(byref adoCon as ADODB.Connection, strConnectString as string)<BR> strconnectString<BR>end function<BR><BR>Is it as simple as that and how can I do it in VB.NET? I can get Visual Studio.NET if need be. If you can help me out, that would be tremendous, and I&#039;ll gladly take recommendations for books or other web sites that have this information. Thanks in advance, everyone!<BR><BR>Mike Lerch

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    The are numerous examples online for creating a "DataAccessLayer" Object. I have done this myself in .NET and it is fairly simple and very generic. You can find examples yourself or if you want some specifics, I can mail you some files. My addy is

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