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    On my web page I&#039;m calling a VB .dll which I can&#039;t get to work on my pc. I gave the same .dll and my web page to a co-worker and it works on thier pc. I have several pages that is using the same comp. and it works when called then. My question is how can I get the true error message displayed so I know where to start debugging? The error I get is "CoSSCProducerInfo.clsProducerInfo create object failed. Object required"<BR><BR>Note: this component works with the other pages and works in production. The same page and comp. from production doesn&#039;t work locally when testing, and its registered locally also<BR><BR>

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    Unless I&#039;m mistaken (and I&#039;m sure I will informed if I am....), the error that you&#039;re seeing is the &#039;true error&#039; - I.e. your application is unable to instantiate the object (for whatever reason). <BR><BR>Possibly to some research on the MSDN re &#039;Create Object failed&#039;, entering in the exact error number and/or message returned to you. Could be anything from a Permissions error, not registered properly, bad library reference, etc....

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