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Thread: download, make changes, upload/replace!!!!

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    Default download, make changes, upload/replace!!!!

    Does anyone know if it is possible to allow a client to download a specific excel file from my server, let the client make changes to that file and then upload the file (replacing the original), all from an ASP/HTML page on my site?<BR>If I do this then I am allowed to eat!!!<BR>Thanks!<BR>Paul.

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    Default I hope you're not very hungry

    since it will be a while before your next dinner...<BR><BR>It is possible, there are a lot of examples on uploading a file ( has an example that doesn&#039;t use a component, search for &#039;PURE ASP FILE UPLOAD&#039;).<BR><BR>Downloading is quite easy, just set the correct contenttype (check for &#039;FORCE DOWNLOAD ACCEPT MIME TYPE&#039; )<BR>

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    Default Not really that difficult

    I have routinely allowed users to do this. This is not a preferred data access/modification method involving ASP pages as it can create ALL kinds of problems (somebody downloads a copy at night works with it all day and uploads at the end of the day - only to find that somebody just uploaded their copy 5 minutes later overwriting their changes). As you can see data integrity is an issue.<BR><BR>The last time I had a client request this (about 5 weeks ago), I forced them to have local copies on their computers that they could modify - then Upload (upload only) to the server. Then SQL would kick of a series of DTS and SP&#039;s to bring the data into SQL, log changes and report out. They are deciding whether they want downstream integrated as well.<BR><BR>

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