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Thread: Date Formatting Problem (Session.LCID=2057) being

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    Default Date Formatting Problem (Session.LCID=2057) being

    We recently hit a problem with some ASP applications following the UK Daylight Saving Time change on 31st March 2002.<BR><BR>Even though we have explicitly set a UK locale via Session.LCID=2057 in our global.asa files, for some reason our Win2K/IIS5 server is not picking this up, despite restarting IIS and rebooting the server.<BR><BR>Once the problem appeared I wrote a simple ASP script with Session.LCID=2057 at the top and then made some simple Date(), Now() and other regular date function calls, but they are all showing up with US formatting (mm/dd/yyyy).<BR><BR>Our sysadmins&#039; attempts to reset the Win2k server locales "globally" to all users hasn&#039;t seemed to work.<BR><BR>I thought that an ASP Session.LCID=nnnn directive would override any server locale settings (if different) -- is this the case?<BR>Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem on this platform? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.<BR><BR>Jonathan Eaton

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    Default What about FormatDateTime???

    Does it give the right results when Session.LCID is 2057???<BR><BR>(That is, does the problem exist only in the default formatting or also in the specific formatting?)<BR><BR>Oh...and what about FormatCurrency? Are you getting a pound symbol? Or still a dollar sign?<BR><BR>This sure sounds like a legit bug, no matter what, but let&#039;s see what you can find out?<BR><BR>

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