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    I want to set the body in the following format, the code is given below, but the email is not like this. can anyone tell me where is the problem<BR><BR>varbody = "Sales" &_<BR>"MORIKA Online Ordering System" &_<BR>"" &_<BR>"" & request("body") &"" &_<BR>"" &_<BR>"Thank You" &_<BR>"" &_<BR>"" &request("username")&"" &_<BR>"Organization: " & c("organization")&"" &_<BR>"Email: &#060;A class=nav style=color: #000000; HREF=mailto:" & c("email")&"&#062;" & c("email")&"&#060;/a&#062;"&_

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    you want linebreaks where they are in the code?<BR><BR>varbody = "Sales" &vbcrlf&_<BR>"MORIKA Online Ordering System" &vbcrlf&_<BR><BR>and so on.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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