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    I will probably remember or figure this one out after some sleep, but just in case...<BR><BR>I am trying to make a script that shows how many people are currently browsing my domain.<BR><BR>so if there are 30 people currenlty on my site it would show text saying,<BR><BR>"You Are One Of 30 People Currenlty Visiting This Website."<BR><BR>Thanks For Any Help<BR>

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    Default Keep count in App variable...

    Bump the count in Session_onStart and decrement it in Session_onEnd.<BR><BR>HOWEVER... Session_onEnd is so notoriously unreliable that you probably want a backup mechanism. <BR><BR>SO instead of just keeping a count in an App variable, you might want to actually keep a list of sessions and shut down the session (in the list only--you can&#039;t affect the *actual* session) if it gets too old.<BR><BR>

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