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    I am wondering how ASP could help on my website ( I mostly use Perl, but would be happy to try ASP if it has advantages that specifically apply to my website. I&#039;m currently on a Unix platform, but could move to Linux. I&#039;d prefer not to move to Windowns because of security reasons, however I&#039;d be happy to hear your viewpoint on these issues. I&#039;m new in this forum.<BR><BR>- what is the proportion of websites that use ASP?<BR>- what is the proportion of users that have javascript turned off?<BR><BR>Excuse me for my poor English - I speak other languages.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    - what is the proportion of websites that use ASP?<BR><BR>Numerically, very very high. But really large, heavily hit, sites tend to avoid it (or mostly use compiled ActiveX controls) because of the performance of VBScript. Of course, ASP.NET changes all that. There is nothing out there, short of custom-written-in-C++ web server plugins, that competes with ASP.NET performance.<BR><BR>Let&#039;s face it, ASP is undoubtedly by far the simplest of the server-side dynamic-web-page creation systems. So it&#039;s no wonder that literally hundreds of thousands (millions? I dunno) web pages out there are written in ASP.<BR><BR>******************<BR><BR>- what is the proportion of users that have javascript turned off?<BR><BR>Who cares? Most of the big commercial sites have finally bitten the bullet and said "screw them" to the people who turn it off. Oh, not all. Maybe not even the biggest ones. But any site with *useful* content (that is, any site that is doing anything except pure selling) make it a requirement. It&#039;s just too tough to produce really good content without browser scripting.<BR><BR>******************************** *********<BR><BR>&#062; I&#039;d prefer not to move to Windowns because of security reasons<BR><BR>Well, that&#039;s about as bogus a reason as... Let&#039;s face it, there are more bugs in Linux than in Windows. By far. The only reason we don&#039;t hear about them is because (a) there are so few Linux sites that the hackers don&#039;t bother going after them and (b) there are so many versions of Linux that a bug in one version may be different in another version.<BR><BR>**********************<BR><BR>Anyw ay, *HOW* will you use ASP on Linux/Unix?? <BR><BR>There are only two products out there that will let you do this, neither free: ChiliSoft ASP (from Sun, and iASP (from Halcyon).<BR><BR>*************<BR><BR>Good luck.<BR><BR><BR>

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