I have an .asp page that displays some info from a database. I want to offer the visitor an option to send the page via email as an attachment. <BR><BR>IE&#039;s File &#124 Send Page By email... is great but will not work in this situation because these pages are part of an Intranet. These attachments go out with a &#060;base href&#062; that points to the Intranet...not good, pops up a login box. <BR><BR>Anyway, I just want to start working on this and seems like there should be an easy way to send an .htm attachment. Asp FAQ #96 mentions using "HTTP request" but I don&#039;t know what this means. I&#039;ve looked through my ASP 3.0 book and don&#039;t see anything in the Requets object that would help me. I&#039;m guessing I need to use the FSO to save the file to server then email it. Help! Thanks!<BR><BR>Cameron