I was trying to set a variable equal to all the content between body tags of html using regexp. I thought of using the file system object and opening the html file as a string, but, it is case sensitive and I don&#039;t control the case of the body tags. The problem I am running into is that I cannot seem to get it to work right when they are on multiple lines. If I replace all vbcrlf&#039;s etc then it works, but, that is not very practicle if I want to return the html file after I&#039;m finished processing it. I tried setting the objRegExp.multiline=true but, I think that has a different usage than this. I was wondering if anyone has gotten this to work successfully, and if so, share the wealth of information! I know for sure this does not work:<BR>objRegExp.Pattern = "&#060;BODY(.*)&#060;/BODY&#062;". It gives me 0 matches. If anyone can please help me, I&#039;d appreciate it. Thanks