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    Default Table Relationships & Query

    I have a form that submits a query and retrieves information about a jobs of select industries. The information is being retrieved correctly (used FP 2002 and the DRW), but I want to have information from another table also come up in the same results page. For example- the employer&#039;s information should be consisten on every job posting, and that information is retreived from an empTable (while jobs are retrieved from jobsTable).<BR><BR>Can&#039;t seem to get it write, even by creating a relationship.

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    Default And did you expect us to

    guess what your table structure was and what relationship were.....<BR><BR>

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    Default simple select

    create the joined field (in the jobs table create a field that represents the employer)<BR>&#039;select e.*, j.* from employertable e, jobstable j where<BR>j.jobID = xx and j.employerID = e.employerID&#039;<BR><BR>this will select all the fields both tables then you just pass the info to the browser.<BR><BR>hth<BR>Bastien

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