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    I am designing an update-form to amend profile information in a MS Access 97 database. In order to retrieve the existing values into the form I am using the string <%=Session("xxxxx")%> as the initial value of the field. This works fine with single line text boxes and displays the existing database values as required. However in the case of scrolling text boxes the actual string itself is displayed in the box (and saved to the database if I submit the form). With list boxes the first item in the list is displayed. How can I overcome this and get the existing database values into all form fields?

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    which i normally don&#039;t, I&#039;d use a an array of list items in the session instead of using a string.<BR><BR>You can do this:<BR><BR>session("foobar")(0) = "item1"<BR>session("foobar")(1) = "item2"<BR><BR>etc<BR><BR>hope that helps<BR><BR>JT

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