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    I have a drop down box which contains 2500 records. I need all of the records in this list because it contains the names of active users. The actual recordset is returned very quickly to the webserver from my databse. I see the performance hit on the web server trying to loop through that recordset. What can I do to make this run quicker??<BR><BR>Sometimes when loading that dropdown I will have to have one of users selected so I dont&#039; think a static list would work.

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    Default Use arrays or..

    .. the GetString() method described in the FAQ.<BR><BR>Using an array over looping through the recordset will give you a huge boost in speed.<BR><BR>I believe you will get another if you do the GetString method. (Please check the FAQs in the upper-right corner of your browser before asking what I mean, thanks.)<BR><BR>-Doug

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