Hello all,<BR><BR>I&#039;m totally stumped and could use some help. I have a W2k Web server at home running IIS 5.0 with ASP.NET Framework installed.<BR><BR>My network is behind a Linksys router. Port forwarding has been enabled on Port 80 to forward all requests to my web server.<BR><BR>People on the internet can view ASP web pages I created that reside on my server just fine. However, when they try to view any ASP.NET web pages they get "Web site contacted...waiting for reply." and their webpage just hangs. I can view the ASP.NET pages fine from another computer on my internal network, and if I connect the server to the internet directly, rather than through the router, everyone can view them fine over the internet.<BR><BR>I checked the logs for my router and in IIS, and I see that the page request comes through fine, IIS gets it, serves up the pages, and apparently sends it back out, only to have the router stop it.<BR><BR>Is there some way I can find out what port the data is trying to leave through, or does anyone seen anything like this before? I&#039;m out of ideas, and will likely call Linksys tomorrow, but any help would be greatly appreciated!<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>