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    I&#039;ve got a web site with a large number of users who authenticate<BR>against NT to log into their custom built web site. ASP looks at who logged on (request.user) and the asp page builds the site based on the contents of a SQL database. <BR><BR>Question: Is there a way using ASP to allow/force them to change their NT passwords?<BR><BR><BR>If not ASP then anything else?<BR><BR><BR>I&#039;d like to timeout their passwords every 90 days or so to prevent the sharing of passwords.<BR><BR>Thanks!!

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    why dont you just make a field in a db that will contain when the last time the user changed password, then check the days past, if its above 90 dont let the user in without him changing it or just do so that after 90 days the server will select a random password for the user and mail it to him, but i dont think my last suggestion is wise...<BR><BR>hope this helps

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