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    Hi<BR><BR>Is it possible to create joins between 2 tables in different databases on different servers (SQL)?<BR><BR>Our company has a seperate server/database for staff details. I need to return some staff details on this server that fill criteria stored in a seperate database (different server).<BR><BR>Alternatively, i&#039;ve tried opening two recordsets and looping thru the first one, and using rs.findfirst on the 2nd... but this is taking too along and timing out!!<BR><BR>Don&#039;t suppose there&#039;s another more efficient way of joining two open recordsets??<BR><BR>Cheers<BR>Steve<BR><BR>

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    Use Getrows to put the recordsets into arrays then join the arrays. dsetzer had some examples of how to do this. You can do a search of the messageboard for that.

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