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    Hi guys, <BR><BR>Currently I run a web page where users log in, edit and finally and submit (update & insert) a number of text inputs into a SQL server database. <BR><BR>I don&#039;t use the session variable when they login, I just have a script that does a select * based on the values they enter in the username / password box then bounces them to the edit page. They are then taken to the page where they edit information they&#039;ve previously saved and once happy the click save, which currently posts to a page that does an update.<BR><BR>What I want to know is both IE and Netscape keep warning the information is not encrypted and that anyone can view it. Whats the simplest and quickest way of encrypting this data on submit? Is it done on the initial edit page or is it done on the page the updates the info into the database?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance guys.<BR><BR>James<BR>

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    the message you are getting is because you have the warning setting one. the only way that the warning wont come up is to have the padlock on in the bottom right. this will only come on if you are using a 128 ssl server. <BR><BR>I wouldn&#039;t worry about it the information in encoded in base 64 anyway. and as long as the names of your fields are not user name and password the chance of any one getting hold of them is very small

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