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    I am trying to do the following:<BR><BR>I have a table with 6 fields (url + 5 rating fields 1-5)<BR><BR>I need to find the highest rating for one record in the db i.e the highest rating for a particular url. I have tried the following, but it won&#039;t work:<BR><BR>SELECT Max(Rating_1, Rating_2, Rating_3, Rating_4, Rating_5) AS Highest FROM MyTable WHERE Url=&#039;";;<BR><BR>Any suggestions as I&#039;m stumped!!<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Micheal

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    Default Terrible database design.

    You can probably do this in a SQL statement, but I don&#039;t feel like thinking about it. Do it in ASP:<BR><BR>Dim iCnt, iHighestRating_ID, iHighestRating_Value<BR> iHighestRating_Value = -10000<BR>For iCnt = 1 To 5<BR> If oRS.Fields("Rating_" & iCnt).Value &#062; iHighestRating_Value Then<BR> iHighestRating_ID = iCnt<BR> iHighestRating_Value = oRS.Fields("Rating_" & iCnt).Value<BR>Next<BR><BR>-Doug

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