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    Hi guys, just trying to abuse the Winsock component. need some help with the following:<BR><BR>1) sending an http stream to a web server<BR> i) do i need to add headers?<BR> ii) what&#039;s the syntax?<BR>2) receiving and dealing with the data once it&#039;s returns<BR><BR>Any help on this would be great (or if you&#039;ve got some previous experience.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Jonny Tooze

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    Default Through VB?

    1) Yes, you&#039;ll need to add headers. Check the HTTP specification. Something like:<BR>HTTP1.0 GET /page.asp<BR>Custom-Header: Custom Value<BR>etc: etc<BR><BR>2) There&#039;s a onDataArrival() event which allows you to deal with the returning data. Have you checked Google, btw? Did something a lot like this to hack a mate&#039;s site the other month and everything I needed was on Google.<BR><BR>Not that I condone #2, of course... :p<BR><BR>Craig.

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