As some of the regulars know, I picked up a nifty domain not so long ago -<BR><BR>http://www.readthe****<BR><BR>I&#039;ve finally gotten around to making a start with it - basically it&#039;ll be a no-bull programmers site, based around straight-talking, from the hip articles and tutorials. I know there are a few folks in here who aren&#039;t afraid of, shall we say, putting a point across forcefully, so I figured maybe some of you would like to write a couple of articles for it. think , but more foaming-at-the-mouth.<BR><BR>Anyone who writes can plug their own sites like crazy, have an ego-satisfying author portrit picture and generally behave badly with no fear of repercussion. Estimated release date is two weeks away.<BR><BR>It&#039;ll be covering ASP, ASP.NET, Perl, WSC, VBScript, Javascript, XML, HTML, xHTML, blah blah blah...<BR><BR>let me know via<BR>