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    Default Background inside a table

    Can we make a background inside a larger &#060;table&#062; to be fixed so we wont see a duplicated image ??<BR><BR>thank you !

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    Default RE: Background inside a table

    Yes U can do it.<BR>Simply use stylesheet between head tag<BR>&#060;style type=text/css&#062;<BR>.bg {background-image:url(images/home.jpg);background-repeat:no-repeat;background-color:000000}<BR>&#060;style&#062;<BR><BR>Then in &#060;table class=bg&#062; tag use like this way.<BR>

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    Default But will that stretch the image?

    Out to the size of the &#060;table&#062; (or shrink it, if need be, I suppose)???<BR><BR>

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