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Thread: Creating a column "on the fly"

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    I have installed the latest ADOX component from microsoft, and want to be able to create tables, dbs and columns trough a form.<BR><BR>I read the faq "Working with ADOX" here on, and it worked perfectly. When I try to do this trough a form I use the following:<BR><BR>Column = Request.Form("Column")<BR>VarType = Request.Form("VarType")<BR>Length = Request.Form("Length")<BR><BR>objFirstTable.Column s.Append Column, VarType, Length<BR><BR>I get incompatible types on the varType variable

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    What is the type of VarType? Realize that the constants adInteger, adVarWChar, etc., map to INTEGER constants as defined in So, if you are passing in appropriate integer values in Request.Form("VarType") then it should work - if, however, you are passing in a string like "adInteger," you need to pass in the appropriate integer constant instead. See for more info on

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