Hi,<BR>I am trying to get a value from a cookie and place that value into a sqlstring using aspx. I am getting the following error from the second page:<BR>"Request is not available in this context"<BR>Here is my code:<BR>page 1 sets a cookie:<BR> Dim Cookie As HttpCookie = New HttpCookie("cookieName")<BR> Cookie.Values.Add("number",idnum)<BR> Cookie.Values.Add("name",strGroupName)<BR> Cookie.Expires = #12/31/2010#<BR> Response.Cookies.Add(Cookie)<BR><BR>page 2 gets cookie info and diplays datagrid:<BR> Dim test as integer = request.cookies("cookieName")("number")<BR><BR>I am then using "test" in a select statement to limit the records displayed in a Datagrid from an access database. I can display the value from the cookie using<BR>&#060;%=Request.Cookies("cookieName")("nu mber")%&#062;<BR>in the html section of my page.<BR>Please point me in the right direction.<BR>Many Thanks in advance!<BR>DJ