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    I need some conformation and/or some tips. We have a website, which needs to get to use https. We want also to be our own Certificate Authority, so we need to run Certificate server, but does that need to be done on another server than the one that has the site? The reason we need to get to a secure server is that people can fill in a form, but we don&#039t want everyone to read whatever is being filled in. Our proxy server uses hosting to get to another (Exchange)server and as far as I know this cannot be done anymore. Can anyone help me out here? Point me some things I have to think of, etc. I&#039m just starting in the business and I&#039m really not familiar with this stuff, so every tip will help me.

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    You can use IIS Server together with Certificate Server in the<BR>same machine as what I have do.Everything is fine.<BR><BR>But I faced the problem that message "the certificate is not match with my web site" prompt out when people access<BR>my web site through their browser?<BR><BR>Any Solution! :) from you or other ASP Fellow??<BR><BR>From Ninja

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