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    well I know one web site- which is the premier online job site of India. It is built with ASP.<BR><BR>Now some time back, I had seen that that site is running very slow and for that I complained also.<BR>Recently I have seen that the site works like anything.<BR>So fast..I noticed that all pages (even dynamic ones !)have<BR>.html extension with it ! I am sure that is the reason why it is so fast.<BR><BR>I want to know which is the technology which works behind <BR>this ? How to convert ASP pages to HTML as there are tens of thousands of users.<BR>So caching on the server could also be done for a single user.But what about multiple users ? What about users visiting site for the first time ?

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    One way to cache expensive dynamic data is to use application variables to cache expensive content (like content you get from a database). See this FAQ for more info:<BR><BR><BR>There are also components that you can buy that will turn your ASP pages into HTML pages. (It just renders the dynamic content into static HTML... so for a page that takes in input from a querystring (like a productID) and renders different content, the component will create a different .html page for each possible dynamic rendering). Anyway, check out the following link for more information on a product that will do this for you:<BR>

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