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    Hi there,<BR><BR>I posted a question earlier and got an answer but it didn&#039;t work properly and I&#039;m afraid my reply will get lost in the shuffle.<BR><BR>I have a form with a checkbox that uses the following code:<BR><BR>Response.write "&#060;INPUT TYPE=CHECKBOX NAME=""" & _<BR>iCount & ".notes"" VALUE=""" & _<BR> "*" & """&#062;"<BR><BR>If the user has checked the box before and submitted the form, an * posts to a SQL table. The problem is, they have an option to go back and change information and then checkbox is UNchecked when they go back. BUT if there is a value in that field already, and they forget to check it again, it posts a null value. So if it shows as checked already, all is well. Does that make sense? I don&#039;t work with checkboxes very much so I don&#039;t have a clue. Would a radio button work better? Thanks again.<BR><BR>Previous reply that didn&#039;t work:<BR><BR>Dim strChecked <BR>If len(oRS("notes")) &#062; 0 Then <BR> strChecked = "Checked" <BR>Else <BR> strChecked = "" <BR>End If <BR><BR>&#060;input type="checkbox" name="notes" value="&#060;%=oRS("notes")%&#062;" &#060;%=strChecked%&#062;&#062;<BR><BR>Thanks again.<BR><BR>CR

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    Can you use the browser history, that way everything will stay the same (except for password fields they reset)<BR><BR>&#060;a href="javascript:history.back(1)"&#062;Make Changes&#060;/a&#062;

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