If anyone can listen to my sob story! A while ago I worked out this deal with a hosting company where they basically gave me a server for free because I was selling a product that required a lot of administration. So instead of me explaining to them how to administer the component we worked out a deal where I got dedicated hosting for free and in return my clients paid the hosting company directly. <BR><BR>Well, basically I got a call today from some guy at the hosting company that very bluntly says, "Change of plans we canned the guy who made your agreement so it is now void. Start paying us the regular price by Tuesday or we are going to shut-down the server." <BR><BR>Well now, myself and the others enjoying this cheap hosting have until Tuesday unless we can find a couple more people interested in joining our hosting group. Basically by splitting the dedicated fees we have our web sites hosted for cheap and can do about anything. But we are a little short now that we have to pay full price and we need a couple of people that are looking for cheap hosting to team up with us. <BR><BR>The server has IIS 5, ASP, SQL Server and I can allow custom components to run on the server. If you are interested the price will run about $20.00 per month. No bandwidth or storage limits (as long as it reasonable) <BR><BR>Email me for more details at john.wycoff@sneo.com<BR>