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    Thanks Bill W., Reaperman, and Xanderno, for your help with the Header 405 Error I was having.<BR><BR>Here is what was wrong:<BR><BR>I had two sites that had the same ASP code, which submitted login info through a post to the same central login elsewhere. One worked, the other gave a "Header 405 Error". Why?<BR><BR>When a user went to the pages that had the login post, the "working" site&#039;s page was http://www.site_name/admin/login.asp. When users were on the "faulty" site, the page was http://www.2nd_site/admin/ -- that is, the first had the full URL with filename, the second was without the filename. (It still came up when users tried to log in because default.asp was the default file for both sites.) On the central_login.asp page they both submitted to, when I used Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_Referer") and tried to return to the referring page, I ran into a Header 405 error for the one without the .asp file tacked on the end of the URL! (Even though by default the page should go to default.asp for that directory, I guess for POSTs you have to indicate a filename explicitly.)<BR><BR>Thanks to all for your help!<BR><BR>Holden

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    Default Ahh, interesting.

    Ta for responding. Hadn&#039;t heard that before.<BR><BR>Craig.

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