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    i have an html page that user should be able to view only not copy.<BR>In html i can capture the keys and avoid from copying or printing<BR>However how do i avoid him from pressing "Print Screen".<BR>I tried putting some code for catching print screen but doesnt work.<BR>Can n e body help?????

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    Default Can't do it in Javascript

    Go ahead, toss this code in your body tag:<BR> onKeyPress="alert(event.keyCode);"<BR><BR>Press some numbers, press some letters, then press the Print Screen key. Notice nothing pops up? That&#039;s because JavaScript doesn&#039;t trap this key.

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    No matter what you do, someone can always steal your source code and your images. They just have to visit your site, then go into the cache, or disable scripting in their browser or even write a browser program which automatically saves stuff (seems a bit stupid when they can do the above, but it has been done).

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