Storing entered form data across multiple forms??

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Thread: Storing entered form data across multiple forms??

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    Howdy all,<BR><BR>I currently have a 4 page record creation process, where information is entered on page 1(form 1) and passed to page 2(form 2) where it is requested and stored in hidden fields, page 3(form 3) is the same. Finally for page 4 they get to preview the record they are about to create, before the record is actually added to the database.<BR><BR>However lets say they notice they have spellt something wrong on page 2, so they click the back button twice to get to page 2 and make the correction now when they click to go to next page, page 3 is empty and has to be filled in again.<BR><BR>What I would like to do is once they have filled in a page I would like to store that info so that if at any stage before they hit create, they would like to make a change all information they had entered previously is still there.<BR><BR>Is these feasible or would it be a better option to create the record anyway and then they could edit the record afterwards to correct the error.<BR><BR><BR>Any help is greatly appreciated.<BR><BR><BR>LH

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    Two ways of doing it:<BR><BR>1) Store the data entered on each form in a database everytime they go between one page and the next, then on every page display answers from DB.<BR><BR>2) Store all other page values on hidden values on a page, so on page1 you would have hidden form boxes that could hold the values of page2/3 etc.. if retrieved from the querystring.<BR>

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