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    We recieve an email (weather report) that is put into an Outlook/Exchange folder via a "rule"<BR>We would prefer to post the data onto an intranet page but don&#039;t want the hassle of copying/pasting each morning. So am seeking some alternative. Has/does anyone out there do anything similar.<BR>I&#039;m guessing that FSO may come into play at *some* stage but can&#039;t picture how to (a)get the email into the file system in the first place (b)extract only the message body (c)apply any formatting b4 placing into the intranet page.<BR>Thoughts/ideas appreciated.<BR><BR>Jay

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    Stranger in New York: "Can you tell me how to get to Carnegie Hall?"<BR><BR>Native New Yorker: "Practice."<BR><BR>***************<BR><BR>(1) Don&#039;t send it to that folder; instead forward it to a new email address. Preferably one that is 100% hidden from the outside world.<BR><BR>(2) Use a component (look at and their list of components to find one) to check that email address&#039;s inbox each morning (or more often, as you choose). Do this with WSH, rather than with ASP, if you wish to schedule it.<BR><BR>(3) Retrieve the EMail via the component.<BR><BR>From there, it&#039;s your problem. You get to figure out how to parse it using the various VBS string manipulation functions and thus create the output file via FSO.<BR><BR>Presto.<BR><BR>

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    This service you are receiving via e-mail *may* also be accessible through the provider&#039;s web page.<BR>in this case use ASPTear to retrieve all or part of that page and include it in your site/page

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